Guns, Ammo, Parts and Accessories on Sale at P.B.Dionisio’s Extrava-Gun-Za Promo.

June 11, 2012

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P.B.Dionisio, is back with its Extrava-Gun-Za Sale. It runs from June 1 to July 15, 2012. Take advantage of discounts up to 20% off on their selected firearms, up to 50% off on selected ammunition, parts and accessories.

P.B.Dionisio & Co., Inc. - Extravagunza 06-2012

Here are some of the items for sale:

Guns for sale with 25% discount:

1. ISSC Pistol, Model M22, Cal. 22LR
2. ISSC Rifle, Model AK47 Kalashnikov, Cal. 22LR
3. Rexio Shotgun, Model R150, Cal. 12ga.

Guns for sale with 20% discount:

1. Akdal Pistol, Model GHOST TR-O1, Cal. 9mm, Blue Finish
2. Alfa Proj Pistol, Model Alfa Combat, Cal. 9mm, Blue finish
3. Walther Pistol, Model P22, Cal. 22LR, Blue Finish
4. Charter Arms Revolver, Model Undercover Blue DAO, Cal. 38 Special,
Blue Finish
5. Rexio Revolver, Model Pucara, Cal. 38 Special, Blue Finish-Plastic
6. Colt Rifle, Model M4 OPS Carbine, Cal. 22LR, 30 rounds
7. Akdal Shotgun, Model MKA1919, Cal. 12ga.

Accessories for sale with 50% discount:

1. Akkar shotgun sling
2. Kleenbore phosphor bronze shotgun brush
3. LLama Pistol Cleaning kit
4. SPS Extended Magazine Pad
5. Amadini Belt, Vega for IPSC “Inner/Outer”

Gun parts for sale with 50% discount:

1. Astra Magazine, Model Constable III, Cal. 380, Blue, 8 rounds
2. BUL M5 Magazine, Cal. 38Super, Blue, 18 rounds
3. Colt Magazine, Cal. 9mm, Blue, 15 rounds
4. CZ Front Sight Pin, Model 75/85
5. Novak Dovetail Mount carry rear sight for Colt and Glock
6. SPS Hammer Pin
7. Tanfoglio Firing Pin Spring, Cal. 9mm

Ammunition for sale with 50% discount:

1. Eley Defender, Cal. 12ga., Rubber Bullets
2. Winchester “X41MP”, Cal. 41, Lead, 210grs.
3. Buffalo, Cal. 32, .357, .38Spl. and .44

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